Canare Singapore Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) hereby set forth the following as our personal information protection policy. All officers, employees, and other staff members shall be kept fully aware of the policy, and we shall make every effort to ensure the protection of personal information.

Management of Personal Information

The Company shall adopt security measures to prevent unauthorized access to, leaking, tampering, destruction, or loss of Personal Information held in order to ensure the security and accuracy of Personal Information and educate employees regarding proper handling of Personal Information.

Purpose of Use

The purposes of use for which the Company acquires personal information from customers, etc. are as specified below.

  • To provide information such as product and event information and sale to customers
  • To request answers from customers to various questionnaires
  • To answer various inquiries

Disclosure and Provision to Third Parties

The Company shall not disclose nor provide personal information to third parties, except in the following cases.

  • Case when consent has been obtained from the concerned party
  • Case when disclosure or submission is required under the law
  • Case when disclosed or provided to a consignee within the scope necessary for performance of work

(Security measures for Personal Information)

Compliance with Laws and Guidelines, etc.

The Company complies with the laws and regulations of Singapore concerning protection of Personal Information and continues to review and make efforts to improve our compliance program including this policy.

Google Analytics and Cookies

This website uses Google Analytics as a tool for analysis of the website usage. Google Analytics collects information/behavior of website usage through cookies that are never linked with your personal information.

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This website does not collect your personal information more than the cookies do automatically.

About Inquiries Concerning Personal Information

For inquiries concerning the handling by the Company of personal information, please send them to the following contact:


Established: September 25th 2020